“What do you do?” is my least favorite question.
That's because my career path looks like a preschooler's drawing of spaghetti. 

My work has meandered through the fields of dance, health, business, fitness, and education. 

I've authored six books and written for an online audience of over 20 million. 

I've spoken at international conferences and online summits. 

I've built three (and successfully sold two) businesses. 

And over the past 20 years, I've taught privately, as a university professor, and online

So there's no easy way to define what I do. But there is one thing that connects them all: Creativity.

Because whether you're choreographing a dance, teaching a class, or starting up a business, you need to know how to solve problems, make meaning, and find connections. 

I'm a dot connector. Nice to meet you.

© Copyright 2019, Robin Konie