Hey, I’m Robin.2015-52582-54 (2)

I’m a neat-freak and a lover of back-to-basics living. I adore homemade ice cream, reading non-fiction, and watching my kids grow up.

I’m what you would call ‘eclectic.’

My driving passion in life is following my interests and creating opportunities from them. As a best-selling author, trained dancer, professional blogger, entrepreneur, ‘retired’ university professor, certified movement analyst, mother, and wife I’m not afraid to mix things up and live my dreams fully. With an audience of over 10 million people fromwww.thankyourbody.com, 6 authored books, and countless teaching opportunities I’ve been helping individuals around the world live healthier, happier, more fulfilled lives.

My little family of 4 recently made the biggest move of our lives – from a teeny tiny town in Northern Utah to the Bay of Plenty in New Zealand. We sold everything we owned and are living our dreams through this new adventure. We feel incredibly blessed and totally crazy to be here. You can read up on some of my adventures in New Zealand at Take Back Monday.